Jeremy Spindler

We performed Jeremy’s “Animated Watercolor” at Brandeis University in October.

Animated Watercolor

About the music

Animated Watercolor is inspired by a particular painting of Kandinsky which I find quite fantastic. While it appears to have a few different names depending on the source, the one that appears most frequently, and the one I personally like the best, is Bustling Aquarelle which translates to Animated Watercolor. It is the goal of my piece to bring to life the elements of Kandinsky’s painting musically via rhythmic energy, distinct musical lines, and colorful orchestration.

Of all visual artists I am familiar with Wassily Kandinsky has mad the most significant impression upon me. While Kandinsky has a number of stylistic periods, it is his abstract works, especially the “Compositions”, that greatly catch my attention. I have always been quite fond of brilliant, bold colors and sharp, rigid lines, both of which occur frequently in his works. For whatever reason, when I am stuck writing a piece, Kandinsky aids me in generating motives, melodies, and harmonies for my ear; often I obtain more ideas than I can deal with.


“Jeremy Spindler, born 1979, currently resides in Boston, MA where he is the Irving Fine Music Fellow and a Ph.D. candidate in music composition at Brandeis University. A former trumpet player, Jeremy has studied composition with Martin Boykan, Eric Chasalow, David Rakowski and Ladislav Kubik. His focus is primarily on chamber music; however he has an ever growing interest in electronic media and music for large ensembles.”

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