Record your music

How it works

You send us your score in most any format, and we produce a musically nuanced, technically accurate recording. You can decide what sort of acoustic space you’d like your recording to be made in. You can also tell us how much reverberation, where the instruments should appear to be located on the virtual stage, and so forth. Or you can trust our judgment. You can be as involved as you want to be.


One round of revision is included with your recording. This gives you the opportunity to revise any aspect of the recording, including changing anything originally written in your score. We don’t count fixing errors or omissions on our part … those we will always fix free of charge.

Lifetime Rewrites

We keep your score on file forever. If you decide later that you want to completely re-write that horn part, we can quickly and easily make the changes and “print” you a new recording for far less than starting from scratch.

Parts and Score Printing

If you need a set of parts from your score, we’ll print them for you, along with your score, if needed. Printing can be done on a wide variety of papers and sizes. We can also deliver PDF files that you can print yourself whenever you need them.

No pre-existing score?

Let’s say, for example, your original composition existed only in a MIDI version. We can turn that file into a professional, musically accurate score (in C or transposing), produced to your specifications, or conforming to standard practice for concert performance, film scoring, musical theater, etc. We can deliver you a printed, bound copy, PDF files, or notation program files (Sibelius or Finale).

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