Flight of the Bumblebee

A review from vVv gaming forum:

“easily the best and most fun guitar chart on RBN, and is also one of my favorite guitar charts in any rhythm game that’s ever come out. The one thing I like about this chart more than anything else is that the guy who charted this song actually gets it. Whoever charted this didn’t think “Oh, these strumming sections have notes that are close together and are changing frets, so I’m going to make the first note of each new color streak a hammer-on.” This is exactly what Harmonix and almost every other charting company does, and this is exactly what pisses me off. These notes are meant to be strummed, so it was charted as strum notes. Seems like a simple concept, but most people can’t seem to figure this out (hell, even Neversoft managed to do this with Guitar Hero).

Anyway, one big thing I noticed the first time I played this was that there were decent breaks in the song that I didn’t expect. I thought that the guitar would continue playing basically throughout the entire song, which is how almost every custom chart ever made for this song has been. At first I was a little pissed off, but after I finished playing it, I remember how cramped and painful my hands were by playing the customs more than once. These short breaks in the guitar really help a lot and I can play this song multiple times in a row without stopping. The song is little over a minute long, but it’s a crapload of fun all the way through. You’d be a fool not to pick this up.”

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