Composers hire The Fauxharmonic Orchestra to get an amazing recording of their music. A great recording can open the door to live performance. We work for composers and performers around the world to create excellent performances.


Contemporary music

      -  Fantasia Concertante, by Brian Fennelly, with Duo Parnas
      -  Skiball, by Gordon Wallin
      -  Eruption, from Pompeii, by Michael Staley
      -  Lucifer Rising (excerpt), for piano and orchestra, by Michael Barnett
      -  Ballet Waltz, by Ronald Bacardi
      - The Road to Tallinn, by Jonathan M. Block
      - Symphony of the Birds – II, by Chris Sainsbury
      -  American Rhapsody, by Michael Staley
      - Animated Watercolor, by Jeremey Spindler
      -  A Piece for Several Instruments, by Christian Gentry (live performance)
      -  Under the Celtic Barrow, by Charlotte Williams
      -  ‘Tok, by Charlotte Williams
      -  Procession of the Toys, by Charlotte Williams
      -  A Screaming Comes Across the Sky, by David Heuser*
      -  December Waltz, by Greg Rice

Older music

      -  Lento Assai from Quartet op. 135, by Beethoven (arr. by P.H. Smith)
      -  Pavane for a dead princes, by Maurice Ravel
      -  Danse Macabre, by Camille Saint-Saens
      - Ride of the Valkyries, by Richard Wagner
      -  Symphony No. 2, op. 36 – III, by Ludwig van Beethoven
      - The Magic Flute (orchestral excerpts), by Wolfgang A. Mozart
      -  Symphony, op. 21, by Anton Webern
      -  Ionisation (performed live), by Edgard Varèse


      -  Fantasia Concertante, by Brian Fennelly, with Duo Parnas
      -  Lucifer Rising (excerpt), for piano and orchestra, by Michael Barnett
      -  Concertino (Ben van Dijk, bass trombone), by Steven Verhelst
      -  Cello Concerto – I, excerpt (Johannes Moser, cello), by Antonin Dvorak
      -  Summer Nights Passing, (virtual flute) by Frederic Glesser
      -  Piano Concerto – I, (orchestra only), by Paul Plimley and Mark Armanini

String Orchestra

      -  Danny Boy (excerpt), arr. by Romeo Cascarino
      -  Lento Assai from Quartet op. 135, by Beethoven (arr. by P.H. Smith)
      -  Moon River, by Henry Mancini (arr. Donald McDonnell)
      -  Nocturne, op. 57, by Gabriel Fauré

Concert Band, Wind Ensemble

      -  Decade, by Tony Cheseaux
      -  Castle Rigg Circle, by Larry Shackley
      -  Joshua – IV, by Michael Staley
      -  Joshua – III, by Michael Staley

Voice & Orchestra

      - Ly Ruou Mung (choir ), by Pham Dinh Churong, arr. Chuc Tran
      - Liberi Fatali (virtual choir) excerpt performed live, by Nobuo Uematsu
      - “Se mai senti spirarti” (Dante Paganucci, countertenor), by C. W. Glück
      - “Pie Jesu” from Requiem (Dante Paganucci, countertenor), by Gabriel Fauré
      - “Ombra mai fu” (Tynan Davis, mezzo soprano), performed live, by Handel

Chamber Music

      -  Awakening, by Ludwig Tuman
      -  Voorbij Twee Windstreken, by Emiele Stoepler
      -  Abenzoares (cornet and piano), by Tony Cheseaux
      -  Blur (clarinet and bassett horn), by Lansing McCloskey
      - Portrait of Picasso, by Michael Staley

String Quartet

      - Obsession (string quartet), by Matthew Primm
      - String Quartet – IV (excerpt), by Nezar Jammal
      -  String Quartet, op. 59, No. 3 – IV, Beethoven

 Solo Instrument

      - Ping Pong (excerpt), for two pianos, by Dario Agazzi
      - Petrichor – I, for piano, by Ben Kim
      - Suite No. 1, Prelude, for cello, by Johann Sebastian Bach
      - BWV995 (excerpt), guitar, by J.S. Bach
      -  Mediterranean Sundance (two guitars), by Al DiMeola


* = Past winner of the Fauxharmonic Orchestra International Composition Competition