Entries by Paul Smith

"Reveries" – by David P. Sartor

2007 Adagio Composition Competition Finalist [display_podcast] “Reveries” was selected as one of three finalists from over 160 worldwide entries to the 2007 Adagio Composition Contest. About the Composer Composer David P. Sartor (rhymes with “Carter”) received his education at the Blair School of Music, the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory, and the University of Tennessee, where […]

Early test of the Wii baton

This short video shows my first test using the Nintendo Wii controller, or “Wii-mote,” to affect the playback of a short passage. The motion and position of the controller tells the computer to select from among pre-recorded samples of musicians playing loud or soft.

Hidden clarinet melody?

A “hidden” melody in the middle of the second movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony is uncovered and performed by the Fauxharmonic Orchestra. The melody has actually only been “hidden” in plain sight, for it is clearly written in the score.

Performance of “Awakening” by Ludwig Tuman

Like most of Ludwig Tuman’s writing, Awakening, a work for chamber orchestra, resists being easily classified. While composed in an atonal idiom, it contains hints of the classical music of Java, the raga of India, the baroque concerto grosso, and other sources that attentive listening will discover, blended together within a coherent artistic statement. Awakening […]

2006 Orchestral Composition Contest Winner: David Heuser

The Fauxharmonic Orchestra is pleased to announce that composer David Heuser has won its first annual international orchestral composition contest. Heuser’s work stood out as particularly expressive, original, inventive and powerful. The winning composition, A Screaming Comes Across the Sky, was chosen from among eighty-six entries. Heuser will receive a cash prize as well as […]

Digital Orchestra Performance in 2050?

Given technology’s inexorable march forward, how good will digital musical performances sound by 2050? This chart says it in a nutshell: Clearly the best digital orchestral performances already surpass bad or even mediocre live performances. It’s only going to be a short time before they can equal, and surpass, the best orchestral recordings. But will […]