Skiball, by Gordon Wallin

Gordon Wallin’s “Skiball” (edited by John Ryther) evokes a cheery ski run down a mountainside. Listen for the sharp turns kicking up snow (depicted by cymbals) and the swirling descent to the bottom with a final stop, perhaps at the doorstep of a warm chalet.

Suitable for holiday concert programming, “Skiball” is available for performance by contacting the composer. The world premiere of original symphonic band version of “Skiball” was performed by the University of Illinois Symphonic Band.

Gordon Wallin is a performing musician, teacher and composer. He has won awards from the American Song Festival and is featured as pianist/arranger on Oakley Record’s “Christmas” and “Romantic” Series, Lake Shore Records’ “Classics of the Stage” Series, and “Christmas For a New Age” CD. His impressionistic album “New England Memories”, has achieved good success on the East Coast.

He is currently introducing his new patriotic-themed multi-media symphonic experience, “A Sonic Portrait,” along with “December Nights,” a multi-faceted symphonic holiday presentation.

Music by Gordon Wallin

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