Kauffman Center Garage Music

Composer David Moulton has been commissioned to create music and sound design for Kansas City’s new Kauffmann Center for the Performing Arts opening in September. Moulton uses customized musical building blocks created by the Fauxharmonic Orchestra to create music that appears to move through space, either “bouncing” or “sweeping” from one loudspeaker to another.

In the central atrium sound will appear to rise from the bottom when triggered by pedestrians walking in from their cars, and will appear to fall when they return from the center itself.  According to Moulton, the music will be “understated, leaving the pedestrians open to anticipation of what might be next, and how it will appear to change with their changes in position, rather than a pervasive sonic perfume that is so typical of most public music playback scenarios.”

About David Moulton

David Moulton is a composer and producer with expertise in acoustics and electronic music.  With degrees from Bard College and The Juilliard School of Music, he studied with Jacob Druckman, Vincent Persichetti, Luciano Berio and Roger Sessions.  He has composed numerous large, multi-channel electronic music works, and has pioneered composition an music production in a six-channel periphonic format.  He was nominated for a Grammy in 2000 for Best Engineered Classical Recording (George Crumb’s Ancient Voices of Children). He is also an enterprising businessman, running a very successful music Gadgets Page.

Moulton is one of the inventors of acoustic lens technology, now owned and used by Danish audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, and used in their groundbreaking speakers, as well as in cars made by Audi, Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz.  Moulton also taught at the State University of New York, Berklee College of Music, the University of Massachusetts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  He serves as a trustee for the New England Institute of Art.



We’d love to feature your video of the Kauffman Center atrium and parking garage music.  (It’s the only way we can show what it’s like).  If you have one, send us the link at info@nullfauxharmonic.com.

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