Orchestral music spans the fullest range of emotion, character, and rhythm and can succinctly signify or indicate objects, feelings, characters, places, story threads in a way that audiences the world over grasp instantly and intuitively. That’s why the orchestral palette is the most sought-after resource for musical expression in narrative and interactive media.

Orchestral music provides

  • the widest range of expression
  • the most flexible timing
  • the tightest and most direct emotional connection to audiences and gamers
  • the variety needed for long and short dramatic arcs and for lengthy game play
  • an emotional language refined over 300 years, deeply and immediately understood, and continually reinforced via film, television and other games.
  • music that’s easy to integrate with dialog, SFX and foley

Understanding game music development

Gone are the days when music was simply dropped into the background during game play or relegated to cut scenes. Powerful middleware like f-mod now makes it easier for music and sound to play a greater role in enhancing the gaming experience. Fauxharmonic designers and composers work with the tech team to find the best ways for music to support the game.

The Fauxharmonic Orchestra was founded by Paul Henry Smith who for seven years lead a software development company spun off from MIT. We not only understand how the game development process works, we know how to work with developers to ensure that game audio not only works aesthetically, but also technically fits the specific demands and limitations of various engines and platforms.

Better than library music

You may think your music budget gives you no choice but to use library music.  But the money you save by using library music can be quickly gobbled up by wasting time and effort trying to modify and shoe-horn generic tracks to fit the unique demands of your project.  In the end, library music cheapens the audience experience because it doesn’t strongly correlate with the other elements in play.

Fauxharmonic goes beyond mood-setting: We make music tightly linked to characters, objects, places and actions, including using music to efficiently provide interface and control feedback and player cues.

We’re a good match for your creative potential, with a full expressive range, at lower cost than static full orchestral recording sessions.

Is Fauxharmonic better than a live orchestra?

Yes, in some situations it actually can be.

A live orchestra sounds magnificent, but unless you are willing to arrange, schedule and record hundreds of elements at great expense, it can’t give you the content and flexibility that variations in gameplay demand. And as our work shows, the Fauxharmonic is at the top among digital orchestral producers anywhere in the world today.

The Fauxharmonic delivers much more flexibility than frozen audio tracks, and goes well beyond MIDI for deep and powerful musical expressiveness.  Of course we do create isolated stems, various mixes, and so forth.  But the Fauxharmonic also can produce hundreds of variations of cues and transitions corresponding to conditional elements and the tree branches of gameplay. We hook into your programming variables so audio calls just work — bringing in the right sounds at the right time.

In short, the tight and expressive musical integration with gameplay that can put gamers into a different world is attainable and affordable with the Fauxharmonic Orchestra.

Work with the best

Our team is elite.  It’s hand-picked and truly excellent. We are the top orchestrators, the top digital orchestra performers, and among the best audio producers on the planet.  Our team members work in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, London, Nevada, Munich, and Paris … all seamlessly coordinated  from our Boston office.

We work directly- and continuously – with your team (including your audio staff, composers, and programmers) to give your game the most powerfully expressive musical and sonic realization possible.

Contact us to discuss your project.  We can help increase the emotional impact, the range of expression, and the dramatic integration your creative efforts and your audience deserve.

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