It’s not “all orchestra, all the time” here at The Fauxharmonic. Lately we’ve been working on some very interesting and powerful new piano music.

Dario Agazzi’s piece, “Ping Pong” is squarely in the absurdist tradition of the avant-garde. (For one thing, it has one of the longest rests this side of John Cage.) We recorded this duet for two pianos using a physically modeled virtual copy of a piano by Sébastien Erard, a half grand (2 m), serial number 109 933 (1922), and a virtual copy of a piano by Carl Bechstein, a half grand (2.1 m), serial number 79 676 (1896). Thanks to PianoTeq for creating these amazing virtual instruments.

Ping Pong (excerpt)

Ben Kim’s fascinating exploration of pianistic color and motivic development has been a refreshing musical world in which to have spent some time playing.

Petrichor – 1st Movement

And, although it’s not finished yet, and it’s not just piano (it does include a big orchestra part), Mike Barnett’s piano concerto “Lucifer Rising” is just a hell of a lot of fun to play. So, we have to give you a sneak peek at our work so far …

Lucifer Rising (excerpt)

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